About Us

What We’re About

Lost River Racial Justice is a racial justice organization working in Windham County, VT; Franklin County, MA; and Cheshire County, NH that came together in the winter of 2015. We are an affiliate of SURJ – Showing Up For Racial Justice.

Organizing in rural and small town New England, we understand the important role white folks have in educating ourselves and taking action to end racism and work towards liberation for all people. Lost River Racial Justice is dedicated to multi-racial organizing that builds power in people of color communities. Living in predominantly white communities and predominantly white states, it is imperative for us to build relationships within our white communities that use our collective power and privilege to support and uplift people of color organizing and people of color communities, voices, experiences.

Read more about our Guiding Principles and why we chose the name Lost River Racial Justice. Also check out Lost River in the Press.


How We’re Organized and Organizing

Lost River Racial Justice is comprised of:

  1. The nucleus, a core organizing group that holds the logistical and political unity of the organization. Currently, the nucleus is an all-white group, but we have an active goal of becoming a multi-racial nucleus. The nucleus meets monthly and each nucleus member is committed to being involved in at least one working group.
  2. Working groups carry out the day-to-day organizing and are open to all community members. Each working group has at least one nucleus member to ensure logistical and political unity across our work. Each working group is organized according to their own focus and needs. Currently, our working groups are: FundraisingReady Response Team, Political Education, SURJ Liaisons, and Media/Communications. Please get in touch if you are excited to create a working group that does not already exist!